Miyares power grab?
Virginia Joins Effort to Attack Local Prosecutors

Our new attorney general is trying to make a name for himself.  Adopting the play of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and attorneys general across the nation,  Jason Miyares cultivates the “stop the steal” crowd with his proposal for an “election integrity commission,” and seeks to build a “tough on crime” image by undermining locally elected commonwealth’s attorneys and their “prosecutorial discretion” to charge and punish wrongdoers in their communities. [Read More…]

Bellwether: How Virginia may forecast the nation’s political future
An interview with David Toscano

From the Radio IQ website:

“When Glenn Youngkin was elected governor last year, some people were surprised. Democrats had been winning statewide elections for years, and they had concluded Virginia was a blue state. In fact, Democrat David Toscano – a former mayor of Charlottesville and a delegate for 14 years – knew otherwise.

`It’s hard for the party in power to win the governorship in Virginia and the reason for that is there’s usually a kind of backlash in Virginia in the first election after the presidential, so you had a backlash against Biden occurring,’ he says.

That observation is one of many in Toscano’s new book, Bellwether – a political history of the commonwealth”… (continue on the Radio IQ WVTF website).

Two Recent Books on State Politics

Bellwether: Virginia's Political Transformation, 2006-2020
Order from Hamilton Books

“The transformation of Virginia politics over the last two decades is an amazing story. And David Toscano was in the middle of it. While I was Governor, David worked with me to improve Virginia’s economic climate and make the Commonwealth a welcoming place for those pursuing the American dream. Bellwether tells the story of this transformation.”
— Terry McAuliffe, 72nd Governor of Virginia.


Fighting Political Gridlock by David J. Toscano
Order from the University of Virginia Press

“In a timely book, David Toscano has focused us on the path forward in this divided, polarized country—the states, where within a federal framework the laboratories of democracy can experiment with ideas and solutions. He shows us how the states can tackle a wide range of problems with perhaps more success than one-size-fits-all proposals from Washington, D.C.”
Larry Sabato, Director of the Center for Politics, University of Virginia