Two Recent Books on State Politics

Bellwether: Virginia's Political Transformation, 2006-2020
Order from Hamilton Books

“The transformation of Virginia politics over the last two decades is an amazing story. And David Toscano was in the middle of it. While I was Governor, David worked with me to improve Virginia’s economic climate and make the Commonwealth a welcoming place for those pursuing the American dream. Bellwether tells the story of this transformation.”
— Terry McAuliffe, 72nd Governor of Virginia.


Fighting Political Gridlock by David J. Toscano
Order from the University of Virginia Press

“In a timely book, David Toscano has focused us on the path forward in this divided, polarized country—the states, where within a federal framework the laboratories of democracy can experiment with ideas and solutions. He shows us how the states can tackle a wide range of problems with perhaps more success than one-size-fits-all proposals from Washington, D.C.”
Larry Sabato, Director of the Center for Politics, University of Virginia